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Brentwood Center of Health Fitness Training




Education: Physical Therapy Assistant Associates Degree in Applied Science, Meramec College, 2009 ISSA Personal Training Certification 

Paula has worked in the medical field for over 19 years, with 15 years in focusing on cardiology and chronic disease. She applies a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work at Brentwood Center of Health.


With focus in medical exercise fitness training and Personal Training Certification through the ISSA, Paula bridges the gap between HealthCare and Fitness. She takes a unique approach that combines traditional physical therapy with customized fitness training to support therapeutic goals. Paula designs training programs to maintain ones’ physical well being and build strength without compromising healing. 


She values one-on-one time, and makes it a priority to get to know her clients and their personal health goals. 


In 2001, Paula received her degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant from St. Louis Community College - Meramec.  Paula’s education and experience give her unique insight into: 


  • Prescription exercise programs and tests for clients with single or multiple medical conditions

  • The latest developments related to chronic diseases and disabilities

  • Application of exercise programming to maximize her clients day-to-day functional mobility

  • Translation of specific symptoms of a disease or disability into an effective exercise program

  • Emphasis of practical application of fitness training rather than scientific theory

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Helping you

reach your fitness goals

Personal training sessions are held in our private training studio equiped with state of the art cardio and resistance training equipment, helping our clients improve their strength, balance, flexibility and healthy lifestyle. 

"She has single-handedly improved
the quality of my life through exercise"


A customized program designed to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and cardiovascular capabilities.  


We will consult with your physician or our in-house physical therapist to address any special medical needs including osteoporosis, recovery from surgery, or physical rehabilitation.  Our team approach to health makes all the difference for post rehabilitation or "medical" personal training. 

A happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection,

but on BALANCE.

Brentwood Center of Health Fitness Training
Brentwood Center of Health Fitness Training

What Our Clients Say:

"Every time I am in for my appointment with Paula I reflect on three traits that distinguish her from anyone else I have worked with in the past: Paula is knowledgeable, rigorous and delightful:

1. She knows and understands the body from the eyes and ears and hands of a physical therapist.

2. She is rigorous In her approach by looking for multiple ways to work different body parts, and she is delightful as a person who truly cares.
3. She has single-handedly improved the quality of my life through exercise." - MICHAEL H, contractor

"Training with Paula has changed my life.  Prior to my several years as Paula’s client, I attended many exercise classes.  Whenever I went to a class focused on resistance or strength training, I ended up injured.  In addition to being a certified personal trainer, Paula is unique in that she has an extensive background in physical therapy.  When I train with Paula, I am confident that she is watching me closely and will correct my form to prevent injury and allow me a deep workout.

My workouts with Paula benefit not only from her professionalism and skills, but also her love of exercise.  Paula suggests exercises that she herself has done – sometimes that morning.  I am amazed by how easily Paula comes up with new exercises using a variety of equipment. The bottom line – training with Paula is fun, challenging and rewarding." - DIANE F.

"I have trained with Paula for over five years, and at first she helped me heal and regain strength after a herniated disc.  But, she also knew I had longer term fitness goals and has worked with me to achieve them.  She’s helped me get into great shape and feel confident for challenging Rocky Mountain hikes, a half-century bike ride, and swimming.

Some of the reasons I love working with Paula:

1) My workouts are different every single time I see her; we still cover the whole body, but there is plenty of variety

2) She understands my goals and limitations, and we work within that structure to keep me strong and fit

3) We’ve had discussions about everything from nutrition and diet, to tailor-made workouts to do while traveling, the effects of stress on the mind and body, and everything in-between

Most importantly, I greatly respect her knowledge and her ability to keep me motivated, all of which is packaged in a warm and wonderful person!" - AMY L.

"Paula Wilson is an amazing trainer.  She understands physical challenges and designs an exercise program that helps each client progress and meet their personal goals.  Each session is unique, so you don't get bored.  I would highly recommend Paula to anyone, but especially anyone who may have physical issues." - DIANE W.