I have had to see many physical therapists, and Shawn Tucker and his team are among the best. They are knowledgeable, provide tailored treatment, and are especially nice to interact with. What struck me the most was Shawn's integrity. Even after I was not able to address all my issues through physical therapy, he remained engaged and went out of his way to help me find the right, more advanced medical attention, and followed up with me on a regular basis. He offers a level of care, service, and attentiveness that you will not find anywhere else I have been. He is genuinely concerned about his patients.

- Alex N.

I was referred to Brentwood Center of Health by Dr. Christian Wessling, for treatment of herniated cervical discs.  I never had any kind of physical therapy  and didn't know what to expect. On my first visit I worked with Shawn Tucker and learned a lot about my situation.

He was calming and reassuring.  I was assigned several exercises to do at home. It was good for me to have something that I could do on my own to help myself right from the start... I now feel so much better than I did that first day I came in, fearing that I would have to have surgery... Armed with everything I've learned and am still learning, and with a program of therapy to use at home, I now believe that I will be able to avoid surgery -- a happy outcome indeed.

- Lois C.

“I really appreciate that you have built a business that focuses on personal attention, customized care and an encouraging staff!  The experience exceeded my expectations.  Please continue your valuable work!

- Amanda, 30, Back Pain

Coming to the Brentwood Center of Health has been like a breath of fresh air. They know your name, they listen to your heart and they give you the strength to achieve your best potential.

- Linda, 54, Post Surgical

I went for PT following meniscus surgery. After not straightening my leg for a year and winding down almost all physical activity, I was back to full ability to compete at a high level in my sport within a few months. They definitely "get" athletes as well as non athletes. Whatever your goals they will help you achieve.

- Celeste O., Meniscus Surgery

This place is phenomenal... The philosophy seems to be oriented to very thoughtful and personal attention and healing. I am working with Shawn and Patti who are knowledgeable and great at explaining their plan for my back problem. I cannot say how great it was to hear their plan to repair my spine injury with gradual exercise resulting in NOT having to be operated upon.

- Bob B., Back Problems

Brentwood Center of Health is by far the best Physical Therapy!  Both Patty and Shawn are amazing and really know their stuff.  You can tell they are experts when you have a session with them.  Also they truly care about your health and success while you are on the road to recovery.  If you need PT for any reason you need to call Brentwood center of health!  Don't hesitate, it will be the right decision!

- Angelina S., Physical Therapy

If you ever need physical therapy, this is the place to come. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and will help you achieve results quickly. I finished my PT and am now working with a personal trainer in their gym facility to get in better shape. I'm also a happy client of their massage therapist. He coordinated with my physical therapist while I was in PT to  learn about my treatment and give me the best adjunct therapy. His rates are very reasonable - an amazing value. The receptionists greet me by name every time I visit, and they've gone the extra mile in sorting out my insurance claims. The Center also has tai chi classes, acupuncture, and other services. BCH takes excellent care of their patients and clients - basically the best care I've ever received anywhere.

- Emily R., Physical Therapy, Fitness Training, and Massage

Shawn is amazing. I had lower back pain everyday and now I have none. It was such an awesome experience I would recommend to anyone!!

- Jack M., Physical Therapy

I had neck and back pain after an MVA. I tried PT for a month and felt better at first but it all came back. Dr. Harasha assessed my spine, educated me on what the impact of the crash did and then adjusted my spine. The next fews days my back no longer hurt at all. He’s a miracle worker!​

- Kayla H., Neck and Back Pain


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